"Behind the Gate"

Daily Rate: $30/$40 RV-Unit

*Wi-Fi now available*

Indian Hill Ranch RV Park rolls out the twelve biggest and best campsites on the ranch for exclusive use by discerning customers who want an uncrowded, spacious area near our lakes and with private showers. Twelve campsites on 40 acres with room to roam, well lighted, most with electric and water hookups are now available.


Reserve one of these great sites for your next family outing and be away from the crowds of public camping.

These twelve premium sites are near the lakes, in a protected valley surrounded by hills and are overshadowed by Tehachapi Mountain at 8,000 feet.Take a kid fishing in the nearby lake; 6 horseshoe pits and a playground are in the area. One half a football field of grass is available for your activities, as well as two concrete slabs. Many sites have giant oak trees to provide ambiance, shade and shelter. Roads in and around the lakes are great for mountain bikes, and nearby trails are great for a brisk hike. Watch for eagles, hawks, ducks, and other birds. At dawn and dusk, look for the wild animals like deer, coyotes, and pigs. In the evening, enjoy a fire with wood gathered on your hike and feel the cool air come off the high mountains above.

Twin Lakes Premium RV Camping

Site Names, descriptions and features of the 12 premium sites located at Twin Lakes on the Indian Hill Ranch. Click here to view Premium Sites Map in Adobe Acrobat, PDF format.

1. NUN VIEW RIDGE: Top of the hill overlooking Twin Lakes and Brite Valley. Magnificent view of three major peaks in the Tehachapi area. Somewhat secluded and large enough for 3 to 5 RV's. This site has no electric and is quite a distance ( 1,000 feet downhill) from the private bathrooms, so self contained rigs with generators work well here. A quiet quad is handy for shower runs at this site. It is large and flat for easy parking of even large motorhomes. Table, BBQ and fire pot.

2. BIG SITE NORTH: A large flat site at North Twin Lake edge with water and electric, shade, tables, fire pot and BBQ. Large enough for several rigs and easy parking for big rigs. A long walk (700 feet) to the restrooms, so self contained is advised.

3. LITTLE SITE NORTH: A large flat site and companion to Big Site North. Water, electric, tables, fire pot, night light and lake front. Easy access for big rigs, but still a good walk to the restroom. No shade tree but plenty of room for awnings.

4. DANCING QUAD: This site is between the Twin Lakes and features a 20'x40' concrete slab which can be used as needed by guests. Four rigs can surround the square for a sociable atmosphere, or a single rig may spread out on the cement and keep out of the dirt. Access is easy for big rigs. Water and electric are on a nearby lighted pole and the showers are close enough for most enthusiasts.

5. POW WOW POLE: This site is adjacent to the Indian Pow Wow dance grass. If your rig has tents along for the kids, the Pow Wow grass is great for them. Electric is on the lighted pole and water is nearby. The lake is just across the grass and the restroom is handy. The site is level and access and departure is easy. Room for two rigs.

6. GRASS CIRCLE EAST: This site is next to the circle grass with great shade under a large oak tree. Lake is close and the view is over the water. Electric and water and close to the restroom. A tent for the kids can go adjacent to the site on the circle grass. Picnic table, fire pot and BBQ are included.

7. BANDSTAND: This site has a concrete slab, an old bandshell, a giant oak tree, adjacent to the circle grass, and overlooks the lake. It is an easy walk to the restrooms and electric and water are on site. Access is easy for one rig.

8. CIRCLE TOP: This site is located at top center of the circle grass with a large oak tree behind for shade. Water and electric on a lighted pole, close to the restrooms, easy access and departure and a magnificent view of the area. Table, BBQ, fire pot.

9. RESTROOM RENDEZVOUS: This site has electric and water on a lighted pole, overlooks the lake, close to the fishing dock, and is the closest to the restrooms (130 feet). It is adjacent to the circle grass and access is easy. Room for two rigs.

10. OAK UMBRELLA: A giant oak tree provides all day shade. Large site, easy access and departure, multiple rigs, near restrooms, with BBQ, tables, fire pot. Water, electric and light on pole.

11. SHADE TREE NORTH: A beautiful oak tree on high ground provides shade at this water only site. Table, BBQ and fire pot. Easy access and downhill to the restroom.

12: SHADE TREE SOUTH: Similar to Shade Tree North but only 260 feet to the showers.


IHR rates are based on RV-Units and not campsites or Camp-Areas. We offer 12 large Camp-Areas for RV-Units. Most Camp-Areas can accommodate groups of RV-Units. We rent Camp-Areas with fees calculated by totaling occupancy of RV-Units, extra vehicles and extra persons. No extra charge for fishing.

Camp-Area Midweek: $30 /day per RV-Unit

Camp-Area Weekend/Holidays: $40 /day per RV-Unit

Extra Vehicle: $6 per day per vehicle

Extra persons: $6 per day per person

Large Group: $400 per day up to 40 persons

Extra persons over 40: add $5 per day per person.

For special events, we will be happy to provide a quote.