Effective February 24, 2001

Violation of any Park rule by registered guest or member of his group is cause for immediate eviction, without refund and any other legal remedies. Non registered persons are in violation of the law and will be prosecuted for trespassing on private property or defrauding an innkeeper and any other legal remedies.

1. Registration and payment of fees is required from each guest or group according to fee schedule or contract.

2. Behavior or activities that are objectionable to neighboring Park occupants is prohibited.

3. Damaging, destroying or altering Park property is prohibited.

4. Unnecessary travel on dirt roads creating dust and noise is prohibited.

5. Limit vehicle speed to “safe” with minimum dust.

6. Open fires shall be in containers, away from vegetation and under control at all times.

7. Swimming is prohibited.

8. Pets must be on leash at all times; owners must pick up used pet food.

9. Extra vehicles in the Park may only be parked in a spot designated by management.

10. Repair of vehicles in the Park is subject to approval of management.

11. Discharge of a firearm on Indian Hill Ranch RV Park without permission of management is prohibited.

12. Trespassing on neighboring properties is prohibited by law and Park rules and is cause for eviction.

13. Occupants within hearing distance set the standard for noise. Section A is residential and quiet is the standard. If you must make noise, see management for remote site and specific noise limitations.

14. Off road vehicles, ATV’s and dirt motorcycles are prohibited without management approval

15. Deposit trash in provided trash bins, trailers, other such containers.

16. Violation of federal, state or county law is cause for eviction

17. Entrance gates are for protection of Registered Guests and a deterrent to crime. Please keep them closed for your own security