Indian Hill Ranch RV Park

Group Rental Agreement and Deposit Receipt

Indian Hill Ranch does hereby agree to rent the space commonly known as Twin Lakes with restrooms, lakes, tables & barbecues to:________________________________________________________________________

Represented by __________________________________________ its

________________ .

The dates of the rental begin at ____________ on the _____________________________.

The rental terminates at _____________ on the __________________________________ .

Receipt of a deposit of $350.00 is hereby acknowledged. This receipt is refundable under the following circumstances:

1. Reservation is cancelled 90 days or more in advance of the beginning date.

2. Restrooms are undamaged and reasonably clean.

3. Grounds are left free of trash and disposable objects are placed in trash trailer or bins.

4. Grounds equipment including sprinklers, picnic tables, barbecues, water hydrants, electric boxes, are in same condition as upon arrival.

5. There is no vandalism against vegetation, lakes, fences, or other natural features.

APPROVAL OF FACILITIES: Customers have inspected the grounds and find them suitable for their intended use.


Large Group up to 40 persons $400 per day 2 day minimum

Over 40 persons, add $5 per person per day.

$800 is payable upon arrival; balance due at departure.

Deposit, less any charges will be refunded by mail


1. Water Truck $60 per hour, Yes_____ NO_____

2. Porta Potti $85 per day, Quantity________

3. Large fire ring $50 per day, Yes_____ NO_____

4. Propane: Market price ____________

Customer agrees to obey the Rules and Regulations of the Ranch and a copy has been provided.

Customer: Name___________________________________________________

Address for refund__________________________________________________

Signature X______________________________________ Date _____________

Accepted __________________________________________ Date ___________