Campfire Bulletin

Campfires are an integral part of the outdoor experience available at Indian Hill Ranch. We want to provide our customers with a safe, convenient access to this ancient commune with nature.



The first consideration when contemplating an open fire is location of the pit or enclosure. For safety, choose a place clear of vegetation, down wind from your camp area and generously far from RV’s, structures and trees. You are in charge of that fire, so use caution and common sense. Indian Hill Ranch provides rustic, isolated and unstructured camp areas, but please remember that your site will be used by other persons during the season. This presents a necessary deviation from the “old West” ways in treating our campfires. A rock ring to contain the campfire and retain heat is authentic cowboy, however the practice creates many problems in maintaining the grounds. After you have left, ashes and rocks remain to be cleaned up so the next patron may enjoy the same freedom of choice for his campfire. Ashes, unburned wood and nails are married with the soil, making restoration to ala natural a tough job. If rock rings are used, they must be removed so that the fire pit does not become a permanent feature suitable for only one customer’s requirements. Our solution to this dilemma without unduly restricting enjoyment of the campfire tradition is to provide movable pots in which to create your very own campfire at your chosen location. When clean up time comes, the pots can be emptied, leaving little or no trace of ash or debris mixed with the natural soil.









Firewood is provided at Indian Hill Ranch without extra charge. If you bring your own wood, we ask that you burn it in pots provided and take care that no nails are outside the pots. If you have excess wood at your site, we ask that you return it to our community woodpile as opposed to leaving it on site. As you hike around the ranch, notice that oak trees shed limbs from time to time.(Mostly in the Winter wind and snow) These branches are usually dry, void of leaves, modest in diameter and easily broken into small pieces. They make excellent long burning campfires and you may bring them back to your site. Gathering firewood is an ancient task to be enjoyed by modern man. Striking a match is a technological marvel. Combine the old with the new.

So come to Indian Hill and tend the fires, smell the smoke, ward off the wild animals, roast the marshmallows, feel the heat, and see the flickering glow of friendly faces and taste the lifestyle of human ancestry.