Greetings to our Customers, and information seekers!


The 2004-2005 winter weather has brought an abundance of water. The ranch has blossomed this spring with greenery and colorful wild flowers like we have not seen in years. To further enhance the scenic beauty of upper Brite Valley, we have postponed sheep grazing to give the grasses a year to rest and rejuvenate. Twin Lakes are full to capacity and overflowing at this advanced date, June 29,2005. Brite Creek is alive and babbling as it meanders downhill and off the ranch.


With such an abundance of moisture and the suspension of grazing, it is possible that open fires may have to be discontinued for obvious hazard reasons. The recent weather has been on the cool side resulting in green hills, however the warming and drying is just around the corner.

Tehachapi is growing, with new services and restaurants, and real estate agents. The newest dining is Idy's on Tucker Road and is recommended for lunch and dinner. A new tourist type building housing gifts, a German Bakery and Fudge Factory is located in downtown on Tehachapi Boulevard. Fuel is generally less at SavMor on East Tehachapi Boulevard.


We have continued with our policies and procedures for summer operations with a few changes:

~ E-mail has become the most used reservation tool with a phone call or two for new customers.

~ Full hook up sites at the entrance will remain at $20 per night, however we no longer give Coast to Coast or Good Neighbor discounts.

~ Our "Behind the Gate" rates will change soon, with a weekend rate slightly higher than midweek. We want all to enjoy our "uncrowded" atmosphere, so midweek visits for those who have the flexibility in scheduling are encouraged.

~ For our "Behind the Gate" customers, we provide a key to the gate with registration materials and site assignment in an envelope attached to the office door. For returning customers, you may arrive late and guide yourself to the appropriate site.

~ Recently we have experienced a high number of monthly customers in section "A" at the front entrance leaving only a few sites for drop-ins. Reservations are advised.

~ The Tehachapi Pow Wow has been held at the Indian Hill Ranch for nearly 20 years. At this time, the Tehachapi Pow Wow is not scheduled to be held at Indian Hill Ranch. We thank all of you who supported and participated in the event at the ranch, and hope that you will revisit us for the memory and spiritual ambience surrounding the grounds. The lizard lives on.

~ Recently, Indian Hill Ranch has entered into a contract with Creative Wireless to provide WiFi High Speed Internet service to our area. At this time we have good coverage in the "A" section and at Twin Lakes. The service is fast, with a nominal fee paid directly to Creative Wireless via credit card.

Several groups have continued to be repeat customers year after year. Our most notable and longest running is the Lazy Daze RV club. They have been coming since 1982, with about 100 RVs, all manufactured by Lazy Daze. The SCA, a group bonded by interest in medieval re-enactment is returning this year for a July outing. The Royal Rangers have had a father-son camp-out this spring and will be returning later this season for another 4 day event.

Thank you all for your interest and patronage. We hope you find Indian Hill Ranch a pleasant experience.

Call or e-mail for reservations to (661) 822-6613 or friends@indianhillranch.com