Greetings to our Customers, and information seekers!

The summer season is now on and as usual some things have changed over the past year. Last Winter was somewhat unusual, with little precipitation and plenty of dry cold weather. We did have a few snowstorms before the New Year and a picture of the Twin Lakes area is here for you to see. On several occasions conditions were right for ice storms, and we caught "Old Glory" and the nearby icy Poplar trees in the afternoon sunshine.
In December, we had an invasion of deer. It was not unusual to see 20 or more grazing the hillsides.

In January, we trimmed some of the willow trees around the South Twin Lake and made access easier for those of you who like to fish. The excess tree trimmings are heaped up for your burning pleasure at the evening campfire. Firewood is abundant and free, so please do not bring your own wood.

As a normal practice, we try to control the cattail growth in the lakes using "Fall draw down and fire". Each year after the season, the lakes are drawn down exposing the cattails. In January, we attempt to burn the dry dormant vegetation for a cleaner healthier pond the next summer.


Our animal population increases each Spring with the A & F Sheep company bringing in a herd of 900 plus sheep, a sheepherder and several dogs. The dogs are a necessary part of the operation in herding and protection from coyotes at night. The sheep will be on the Ranch for about 2 months and can be seen and heard from time to time. Our resident burros are always on board, with several new born expected this Summer
Birds are always around. Our North ridge is perfect for eagles and hawks to soar in the prevailing breeze as they search for prey below. Any day you see an eagle is a good day.

Weather was perfect for the Memorial Day weekend: cool evenings and warm sunny days, blue skies and a full moon at night. Although our Twin Lakes sites were all occupied, there was no crowd. Check out the photo of the area for that weekend.  


Our Hillside View sites were occupied by RV's of all types, clustering around the Oaks and enjoying the peace and quiet of the valley. Indeed, nature was kind to us for the holiday.

For the future, we are installing an automatic security gate at the entrance with a keypad control. Our registered guests will have their own number, and the open/close routine for the gate will be less troublesome. We hope you all approve of the added security and convenience of the new system. This is our attempt to maintain a quiet private space for those of you who want such a service and place to visit.
So come for a few days and experience time away from the crowds and commercial bombardment. Bring your bike (hills are 10% or more) or walking shoes; fishing pole or kite; and light jacket for cool evenings.
Call or e-mail for reservations to (661) 822-6613 or friends@indianhillranch.com